Friday, December 5, 2014

Hassaan ibn Sinaan passed by a room and said, 

“When was this built?” 

Then he thought to himself and said, 

“Are you asking about something that is not your concern? 

I will punish myself by fasting for a year,” 


he fasted that year.
It's like a journey to the top of the mountain 
We all begin from diffrent sides 
No two people can walk on exact same path
The tip of the mountain is same 
But my path and vision of the top 
Is diffrent from what you see
From where you stand
No one is wrong
Only the Ego to accept the other is too big
It blinds the imagination and thus rises the "I" 

- Unknown
Since few years, I've been wondering what my life is asking of me. I've completely  revolutionized the idea of my internal and external living. my thoughts has changed, even my focus is shifted from inwards to outward realities. Often i heard, If you're on the divine path, either you will travel inwardly or outwardly and now as i choose to be on outwardly path, quite different problems has overwhelm me. Much of it, was about those realities that i used to think only relates to human's psychological and spiritual aspects but as i grow into this pattern of life, i found out that nothing moves in separate of each other's realities and dependence.

Now you must be thinking, why am i sharing all this and as a matter of fact, its just a palaver in the domain of others life. well, i may again start writing but you'll certainly see a quite changed perspective relative to the older ones. So i thought to point this thing out, just for a flow of words.