Sunday, November 4, 2012


I'm going to live in a world where the oceans are flying inside my mind, where waterfalls are flowing down my back, where I'm bleeding forth river after river of magic. There, I'm going to sleep inside the wings of my lover, drink from the land of glittery shadows, and dream with my eyes wide open. I am never going to look back on the footprints I leave on the puddles, rather form new ones eons ahead in time. I will not take breaths that will promise me death, rather I will take breaths that have already and will continue to promise me life in whatever setting possible. I will not cover my heart with my hand. Instead, I will open my palm to capture the raindrops from the oceanic skies. And when I think, when I spread my veins to grasp even the most complex of beings, I will hold on to the branch wholeheartedly, only letting go when my heart compels me to. I will not listen to everyone around me, but I will take into account the thoughts of everyone within me. In the end of it all, I will not just love, I will not just hate, I will not just be happy, sad, frustrated, angry. In the end of it all, when I have finally felt it all and, consequently, felt nothing at all, I will not just be living. In the end of it all, I will be alive. I will be alive.

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