Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If I were to be told to pack up today and leave this world, I will not have many regrets. I'd just make a silent wish that someone else carry on and finish my work, blow a kiss in the general direction of the ever-spinning Earth, and leave, laughing at my usual flustered hurry.

Coming, God!

Hold that train! Oh no, I left my watch behind! Haha. Can I go back, and come back at a later moment? Your one moment and my lifetime, God?!

(there's nothin other then this comes in mind)

Monday, April 19, 2010

the true love to hurt the enemy (shaitan, satan) is to be occupied with the love of friend; on the other hand, if you engage in war with the enemy, he will have obtained what he wanted from you, and at the same time you will have lost the opportunity to love a friend.

( Mulay Ali al-Jamal)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Practicing honor is one's ability to withhold oneself from behaving in any way that harms another, that takes from another.

only i can truly withhold myself from the desire to take what rightfully belongs to another, for even my body is chained, my heart can keep an evil intact. And if i put to death, i would have died in a state of holding that desire.

this is what i felt that what honor to mean as yet..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This road-not-taken is pretty damn strange.

There are no milestones, and no indications.

The best hope is that it leads to a destination no one’s ever been to before.
I have this moment to forget the past, and be not anxious about the future.
From this world to another
I go this second!
With great pain comes great realization.
Nothing around me had changed.

Except my state of mind.
Power is when you have something that someone else wants from you, but cannot take unless you give.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lie puts a human in another world intentionally or knowingly..!!
ugliness is the form of beauty, for those who see.
i have decided that time has come in my life where i start living out my knowledge. After all, wise men such as Hazart Ali(r.a) say that knowledge without practice consumes a person. what is the point of knowledge, truly, if we dont use it or pass it on - through demonstration???

May Allah bless us and guide us to truth and reality :)


Friday, April 9, 2010


I'm dead.

I feel greatly torn between two worlds.

The Old and The New.

I am split in to two and two.

Oh dear life!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

O my love, do not forget your beloved,
come back from your life in the wilderness
The birds have flown home, why do you not do the same?
Love overwhelms me again and again,
I am yours and you are... mine
O Farid,
I will sacrifice myself, just to see him one more time
The spinning wheel of love, the unspun balls of grief
The more I spin them, they more they seem to double
My spinning wheel is priceless, as I spin, so my love grows stronger,
And at every turn of the wheel,
I remember you
What good is my life, without you, my dear love
The heart strings of my memory resound in every pore, every vein of my being
This is the time to return, my love and leave your independence
My eyes are longing for you and asking every traveller where you might be
My useless eyes are exhausted, looking out for you, my love
O independent one, come back now, my eyes are weak from looking for you
Come O crow,
I will feed you fancies if you come and sit on my roof
Give me news of my beloved and
I will honour you
Come and sit on my roof my beloved may come
O Farid,
I strain night and day to see the path you have taken,
Eid has come, but my beloved has not, may
God look after him
Adornments do not seem right, nothing is pleasing to my sight
The happy ones sleep peacefully while
I spend my nights in grief
I will celebrate Eid when my love comes back, without him
Eid is empty
Pierced by the arrow of loss, people call me mad
For God’s sake,
Come back,
or else this life is over.
Everyone taunts me, ‘where is your love?’
‘ He has left you and taken to the road’
What can I answer?
I weep alone
At every turn of the spinning wheel,
I remember you
Come back to the courtyard, to this one who longs for you
My spinning wheel is colourful, it is the vehicle of your remembrance
You are far from my eyes, but close to my heart and
I yearn for you
The strands of sorrow seem to have no end,
as I spin, they double Who will put an end to my sorrow?
I long for you.
I am bound to Ranjha, but my father is pressing me (to marry a Khera)
The Kheras are spreading lies,
I take on myself these accusations against Ranjha
People say he is just a buffalo herdsman, but for me,
he is my Mecca People say that love is easy,
but love spares nothing and no-one
Bulleh Shah bears witness to the truth, that
Shah Inayat is the perfect teacher...

by Farid.

I pray today that I don't lose heart in staying alive.

there are matters that do not even need our actions. they appear to us, and then they dissolve. We do nothing more than observe them. let them come, and let them go. do not think that you are the lord of every bit of your life.

there are other people in this space where we co-exist. let them be. That is your freedom. Do not choose the version of freedom that enslaved minds envision: a situation where they face nothing. That is the vision of freedom of one who is essentially a captive of their own entity.

Monday, April 5, 2010

day draw near another one, do what you can for saving yourself ..!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

If the shaykh says to you
"O my son take this cup and empty the ocean."
What is your job?
To take the cup and empty the ocean.

That means don't let your ego to give you wrong information.

If your shaykh says to you that your trust, that
diamond of Sayyidina Jibreel, is in far east and you are in far west. Don't say "I cannot" you duty is to go. Find a way.

don't fight; don't argue' don't criticize. Keep patient and peaceful, tranquility, contentment.

Jazak Allah