Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Could you still protect me?
When your own world is falling down upon you?
Would you still want to hold me?
When you had someone else to call your own?

And as I fall down and look up
Will I see your hand offered to me?
Or will you just keep walking

And leave me all alone
When I wake up crying
From the bad man in my dream
Could I rollover and find you
Or will I turn over to the empty side of the bed?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Misunderstand I Am...

I am instead, a way like that
With pain I bleed, with the stains
I’m weakI have no soul, my mind confused
My heart has torn, my nails are bored

My fingers dancing,
my head is burning
the pencil writing,
instead I fight it

Let’s celebrate, a vision blinded
My nails talk, but yet I bite them
The fingers dance folk;
I think I’ll break them
In my head there’s a mind

And my mind is finding a head
So blank with pain that is blinded
My fingers and the pencil, they keep on dancing
Still sometimes I wonder if anything’s left to wonder

When humanity is lost on this earth
And to find it we cannot afford the cost

2nd thought...

things are not into hands properly and circumstances which made the ambience around my field wont let me sire this time.I know that way how to escape out from these unfavourable beckoned lights.Soul's feeling languid but there's still light somewhere in the depth of heart that might giving the energy to this unhealthy body to move on and faced the hurdles and harsh realities of life.

No hope by Atif Hussain

well, there is no hope for me this time.its the next stroke to my life.Night after night i had passed the house (vacation time).Misspently youth ov my life begins now.

*Guess so*

A amalgamation of fear,hate and amoral brings me to ambiguous life.I might be the anachronism incase o getting affable behaviour from out of my cure heart.I am still considering whether i would go away or spend the assiduous life with not giving time to my own humbly incarnate soul.I in that matter then become the apotheosis of renegades. I sometime soliloquying in mind that i should muster the thoughts with queer sights of responsibility & courage fro pusky labyrinths that caused to let me liv this way and made me sire.

I now adamant to this way for becaming the part of stalwart personality.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I found something behind the woods. Somebody was laughing like creepy leaves from a devil tree. A laugh without echo and serpent form of tongue licked my entire expectations to watch it. Persuasions are pulled deep inside my space. Subtle light in my fore head intoxicated my dreams. Fascist face was grown inside me. The black eyes still fixed on the wall of my imagination. I sliced the dark corners to kill the intellectual ghosts. I stepped inside to watch it, again and again. Galore of hidden hands pulled words from my land. Choking air hits my nostril again and again. Feminine form of mystery kisses over my fingers. Black and white rainbow haunted me. A soul flew away from me like a butterfly.


I haven’t tried to shout in the deep forest. Watching the dark flowers and hearing the sound of insects’ intercourse. Not allowed the surprises to shock me for showing the beheaded animals’ dead bodies. The face I saw in the reflection on the pond water was not mine. Blood flows from my nostril and enjoys my skin, smell-less blood. I again washed my face in the cold cunning water. Somebody called my name from behind. I turned, nobody was there. Hide and seek? Can a tree talk? Who was it? Passing voice? Half moon face? I moved forward in steps of doubt and smelt the night. I felt the wet mud pull my legs into the earth. Panicked walk increased the steps of my breath. I stopped near a tree. Murdering anguish dreams by my silent pain. Smile of darkness covered all over my face. Its closed eyes searched the secrets of mine. Every heart likes to beg to lick blurred secrets with tasteless tongue.

Monday, January 5, 2009

i kill my soul...

I kill my soul in complete serenity
And I watched it day by day
It drowned as if I killed my self
I watched it as it lay
It cried for help and cried aloud

I watched as it passed away
It screamed and shouted, “Forgiveness be seen”
I touched it then walked my way

To soul, to self, and to my own
I killed my soul now is alone
I kill my soul in complete serenity

Can I even kill my sanity?
I did not speak, but did I lie?
Is not, is I did not try
In serenity be killed my soul
Did my self kill my soul to adore?
Did my sanity touch my goal?
Or did it act like a whore?

I kill my soul in complete serenity
And I’ve been trying to kill myself
I even touched the soul of sanity
Yet I could not be my self
I kill my soul in complete serenity

Now I’m watching it drown within myself
With pain I’ve been – and that’s what I’ve seen
Is all ‘cause ye touched my sanity

Now I kill my soul in complete serenity
Until, unless I reach eternity.

simple mind...

I’m too strange, and I’m too deranged
I’m too much I cannot change
I’m so dirty, I’m full of filth

I don’t know how, I can take the guilt
I feel no pain, I’m painless now
I`m so dumb, I feel like a coward

Pain can’t grip me neither can hate
You see, ‘cuz I don’t need a mate

Do not think that I am blind
I have not a piece of mind
My mind is too dirty to find

Because I’m just too …Unkind

ey hello 2009..

Raise your glass,
It’s time for the toast,
Champagne glitters in the grass,
Drink to the time we miss most.

Raise your glass,
Flip a false smile,
Time will pass,
Heal wounds of a bloody while.

Raise your glass,
Tip back your replacement cyanide,
Show some class,

To those we lost on our ride.

(Happy New Year! This is dedicated to those we lost in 2008, like my best soul mate. I wish everyone a safe, happy, healthy, and amazing 2009)


The old year ends in death,
and the new year starts with it
Don't be put off by the frost,
the earth shall be reborn soon enough

And in death, a new birth
Another circle of life completed
The continual walk forward
on the same path around the sun
A new Step for one

a new wrinkle for another
To the future,and the past
To loves old and new,
romantic or otherwise
To highs and lows,

and all things in between

To everything, anything, and nothing at all