Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Dreams, often perceived as irrelevant for the bright, are the essence of one's existence for figments of our imagination are far more conceptual and without a flaw than anything reality ever had to offer. All though, it often occurs to one if (Apart from being a manifestation of our thoughts, ideas, feelings emotions and all that shenanigan) they encourage one to realize all that there is within their creative and constructive abilities. I mock myself upon admitting that I am in love with someone, something so intangible, yet facilitating me to arrive at the truth of a human answer, the unnerving mystery, all that we urge ourselves t o believe. Yet, it never appears to be the truth, it's like truth coming out of a liar's mouth. I wonder if subjective analysis of emotions ever really facilitated one in achieving a certain enough conclusion. Harsh enough as they may seem, they have begun to grow on me over the last two years. I believe I have come to a point where life is a metaphor, and I have a very serious role to play. ( for it is the only thing that claims to belong to me.)
Someone wants to deeply understand. I dont know why.I do not condone self destruction of any sort ( be it smoking or killing your soul by the craft of mean bitchery.) Just somehow, my dreams make me face fears, not just mine.

Read: Insomnia.

Life turns to metaphor again, and again, and again. what does it say about me?
I am a lilly-livered, truth fearing, cry child.

And to be frank,
I somehow find comfort in that.

few lines..

Can I not see,
How time itself weaves
The shards and smithereens together?
Can I not blame,
the being, the supreme,
For every rip in the cashmere?
Its the indelible absurdity of it all,
But Oh,
isnt it
quite the gall?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

through the rain
I see the car lights pass by
flashes of time
How everything
went by
weeks ended
months began
years gone
time to come
everything changes
except the desire
desire of not to change

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Darkness veils me out..by Atif

Cold on the outside;
empty on the inside
this feeling is something that cannot be beaten
In all my attempts at overcoming it I have fallen
its power is too overwhelming for one to conquer
lost in this darkness;
overcome with fear and pain
my only wish is to have someone here to rid me of it
someone here to hold me tightly and whisper in my ear
"Everything will be ok, I'm here now"
only they aren’t here, nor are they coming
oh how I long to be rid of this feeling
but onward I must tread with its weight upon my back
unable to be rid of this hurt and pain
for loneliness knows no company...

(i hardly took a 5 min 2 wrote this one nd wrote last nite after leavin my friend the One never be with me..n nw i need no one nor even u)

Rest in dead dream like eternity by Atif.

I’m drowning myself at dawn, once again,
in an empty coffin of tears,
sleeping quietly and waiting for eternity to end, while
intense despair grieves for my innermost fears.
life dies in a murder so stunningly beautiful.
say why you never screamed loud your desire,
rose of my darkest garden,Buried sun,
withering silently,
deep into silent oceans of gray.

be the one to break the veil of my darkness,
eternally aboard a tainted raincloud,
sailing far away to one more fantasy,
where a purple dream can swim its way out,
to a world where lucid dreams intertwine with reality,
the blue heaven my reality will never be.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

i hav four kinds ov days...

1) A day when I go out and meet someone more knowledgable than me, so I learn from him, and that is the day of my benefit and profit.

2) A day when I go out and meet someone less knowledgable than me, so I teach him, and that is the day of my reward.

3) A day when I got out and meet someone like me and I study and review with him, and that is the day of my lesson.

4) A day when I go out and meet someone below my level but sees himself as being above my level, so I don't talk to him, and I make that the day for my rest.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sham kay sitaray say
Raat k andherey tak
Faasla he kitna hai…
Chaandni ki barkha say
Koondtay sawerey tak
Raasta he kitna hai…
Saans kay ukharnay say
Aakhri baseray tak
Marhala he kitna hai…
Ibtada bhi tareeki
Inteha bhi tareeki
Darmiyaan dono kay
Boond bhar sawera hai…

I'm...by Atif

"I'm a mere shadow of a life passed, my self, my soul, my death, my world, you & my heart!"

dusk's falling on my decadent reality.
my everyday landscape keeps drowning,
I'm a microscopic orange stain in a rusty universe.
i hope u'll come 2night...
surprising thread of my thoughts, my guide and lover,
let me cross again the dark frontier of my fantasies!
so close but uncertain to reach, this blurry paradise hides behind my eyelids.

release me...

I'll fade like a drop in the infinite ocean of a dream.